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Fast Track Physical Therapy, Inc. is a local provider of outpatient physical rehabilitation health services offering career opportunities. Fast Track Physical Therapy offers competitive salaries, provides a stimulating work environment, and offers excellent benefits.

Current Positions Available

  • Internship Program for Exercise Science Majors
  • Internship Program for Physical Therapist Assistant Major

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Fast Track Physical Therapy is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Internship Program for Exercise Science Majors

Fast Track offers an internship program for exercise science majors. The internship is an on-going program that we have had in place for undergraduate students as they look to complete requirements for graduation or prepare them for post-graduate school.

The internship program is on a revolving schedule as program requirements vary. Fast Track will limit the number of intern positions to ensure a quality-learning environment for each candidate. Therefore, it is important to submit the application with the desired timeframe clearly indicated.

We look forward to making the internship with Fast Track a positive learning experience for all. It is our intention to match the core requirements of the exercise science program at each specific college and university with the objectives established and listed as follows:

Exercise Science Internship Program

1:1 mentoring with a clinical Orthopedic Physical Therapist, Physical Therapist Assistant, and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

  • One semester internship positions available.

Position combines opportunities for on-going clinical supervision, mentoring and on-going evaluation of interns.

The internship will strengthen the candidate's application of exercise science in a rehabilitation and reconditioning environment with the direction of a clinical supervisor and other professional staff.

General goal of a relationship that is based upon mutual respect, trust, commitment, caring, and shared values in interdependence that will develop over the course of the internship between the clinical supervisor and intern.

A learning experience is a planned educational event, designed to facilitate learning and built upon the professional staff members' knowledge, skills and/or behaviors.

A clinical internship is a planned program of professional clinical education that is designed to advance significantly the interns' preparation as a provider of patient and/or client care services in a defined area of clinical/field practice.

The major focus of the clinical internship is for the intern to accelerate his/her expertise in the application of exercise to a varied patient/client base. The focus may include community service, patient/client education and research.

The intern will be responsible for assistance in clinic management by assisting other professionals with patient care, rehabilitation and reconditioning.

The intern will assist, mentor and interact with other professional students, including physical therapist students, physical therapist assistant students and athletic training students.

For more information on the program, please contact Matthew J. Klays at (978) 459-4445.

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